The Orchestra

The Dvořák Prague Youth Philharmonic represents the concept of a musical ensemble fundamentally focusing on the education and development of young, talented artists. It was created at the suggestion of Jan Simon, the director of programming of the Academy of Classical Music and the executive director of the Dvořák Prague International Music Festival. With this idea, Mr. Simon approached Tomáš Netopil, the founder of the Summer Music Academy in Kroměříž, the chief conductor of the Essen Philharmonic, and the chief guest conductor of the Czech Philharmonic. This project is based upon a programming concept of the Academy of Classical Music, which is developing educational programmes in fulfilment of an important part of the legacy of Antonín Dvořák, one of history’s great Czech musicians. Dvořák left behind a vast legacy of musical works, and he also served as a professor of composition and director of the conservatoires in Prague and New York, and he helped to foster many musical talents. This orchestra, consisting of students from conservatoires and musical academies up to age 24, takes its membership base from among students at the Orchestral Academy at the Summer Music Academy in Kroměříž under the leadership of the brilliant conductor Tomáš Netopil. Top instrumentalists who appear on concert stages as soloists, chamber players, and leading members of prestigious symphony orchestras will be serving as instructors. The project’s mission is to offer young, talented musicians high-quality leadership and active experience with the professional rehearsing of a selected symphonic work and its public performance. For the students, performing at the Dvořák Prague Festival represents a presentation of the results of their efforts, ability, and acquired skills.

Membership in the Orchestra

The membership base of the Dvořák Prague Youth Philharmonic consists of graduates of the Orchestral Academy at the Summer Music Academy in Kroměříž, which is for students at conservatoires and institutions of higher education in the arts between the ages of 15 and 24. This year, the Orchestral Academy will take place from 13 to 19 August 2021, followed by orchestra rehearsals from 11 to 13 September in Prague. Right after that, on Tuesday, 14 September 2021, the graduates of the academy will present the results of their efforts at the Dvořák Prague Festival. As members of a musical ensemble called the Dvořák Prague Youth Philharmonic, they will be appearing under the baton of its artistic director Tomáš Netopil.


The Dvořák Prague Youth Philharmonic will be presenting itself on 14 September 2021 at the Dvořák Prague International Music Festival. Leading the orchestra will be its artistic director and conductor. Details about the concert are available HERE.