The programme will be announced in May, after the results of the first round of the competition have been published.

Youthful energy and an informal afternoon concert go together perfectly. Appearances by talented participants in the Concertino Praga competition represent another event in the series of early evening gatherings at the Bořislavka Centre. This is sure proof that there are no losers at artistic competitions at the highest level.


Concertino Praga semifinalists

The performers will be announced during May, after the publication of the results of the 1st round of the competition.


Bořislavka Centrum

This new dominant feature of Evropská třída (Europe Avenue) weds contemporary architecture with art. The architectural design is by the acclaimed Prague studio AULÍK FIŠER ARCHITECTS. With its many sections, the building enables deluxe public access to private premises with an area of 12,200 m2, and it constitutes a number attractive public areas. Together with the shopping centre, these areas make a natural gathering place for the 100,000 residents of the city district it serves.

Source: website of the Bořislavka Business Centre.