Masterclasses turn talents into artists. Aspiring young flautists will perfect their playing under the guidance of Henrik Wiese, the principal flautist of the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra for 18 years.

Those interested in active participation can apply by sending a CV (max. 900 characters) to the email address by 31 July 2023. The age limit for participants is 25.

Public masterclasses are yet another way that the Academy of Classical Music at the Dvořák Prague Festival is working to promote the education of musicians. As an auxiliary programme in the series For the Future, it gives young musicians the chance to play before exceptional artists and to consult on their views on the interpretation of a work with performers who have invaluable experience on the world’s great stages. A masterclass is a unique opportunity for the public to witness the final phase of preparing an interpretation. Rather than a usual lesson, it is an exchange of artistic opinions. It gives an exciting insight into the final phase of a young artist’s preparation before the moment when her or she appears in the concert arena with a finished interpretive conception in order to share an artistic opinion with the public.

You can buy tickets to a masterclass for CZK 200. Ticket prices are reduced by 50% for students at elementary schools of the arts, conservatoires, the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, and students at other schools of the arts. To get the discount code, please contact us at


Henrik Wiese

Flautist Henrik Wiese is descended from a merchant's family from the city of Hamburg, but he was born in Vienna in 1971. He received his musical education from Ingrid Koch-Dörnbrak and Paul Meisen. In addition he took his degree in Indo-European and general linguistics as well as in musicology at the Ludwig Maximilians university in Munich. Henrik Wiese won prizes in several competitions, such as in the German National Music Competition (1995), and in the international competitions of the city of Kobe/Japan (1997), Markneukirchen/Germany (1998), Odense/Denmark (1998), and Munich/Germany (2000).

As a substitute he gathered first experience in orchestra playing at Munich Philharmonic Orchestra and their former chief conductor Sergiu Celebidache. From 1995 to 2006 he was principal flautist at Bavarian State Opera in Munich (chief conductor Zubin Mehta). Since 2006 Henrik Wiese is principal flautist at Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra (chief conductor Mariss Jansons).

Henrik Wiese is a synesthete, e. g. he hears colours. The rare gift of nature is an important source of musical inspiration to him. He played flute concertos not only with the Bavarian State Opera Orchestra and the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, but also with the Radio Symphony Orchestra Berlin, Radio Philharmonic Orchestra Hanover, Polish Chamber Philharmony, Prague Chamber Orchestra, and Munich Chamber Orchestra. His widespread musical activity is particularly established by chamber music recordings.

Besides the modern Boehm flute Henrik Wiese plays the baroque Traverso flute, too. With this instrument he can be heard in L'accadémia giocosa.

Henrik Wiese has taught at Mozarteum Salzburg and at several German music universities amongst others in Hamburg, Leipzig, and Bremen for many years, at last on professorships.


Small Piano Recital Hall (HAMU)

The masterclass will be held in the Small Piano Hall (room No. 1034), situated at the Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in the late Baroque Lichtenstein Palace in Prague's Lesser Town. The building also includes the Bohuslav Martinů Hall with a capacity of 200 people and the Gallery Concert Hall for 130 people. Both halls are mainly used for graduation concerts and more intimate events. The palace is protected as a cultural monument of the Czech Republic.