Zdeněk Lukáš: Partita alla Fanfare

Antonín Dvořák: String Quartet No. 13 in G Major, Op. 106, B 192, 2nd movement (arr. Jiří Kabát)

Michal Vejskal: Wild Animals

Anthony Plog: Mosaics

Jan Kučera: The Four-Color Suite

The first of the soirées to be held in Bořislavka Centre will begin with the lively serenade of brass and end with a leisurely stroll through music. The light-hearted atmosphere of the venue encourages visitors enjoy classical music without taking it too seriously. The Prague Brass Quintet, featuring five brass instruments playing a range of fanfares, will present a fresh new take on Dvořák’s string quartet adapted for brass instruments. With Wild Animals, Mosaics, and Four Colours, the evening will be a diverse musical journey through untamed wilderness, intricate patterns, and a kaleidoscope of colours.


PBtet – Prague Brass quintet



Bořislavka Centrum

This new dominant feature of Evropská třída (Europe Avenue) weds contemporary architecture with art. The architectural design is by the acclaimed Prague studio AULÍK FIŠER ARCHITECTS. With its many sections, the building enables deluxe public access to private premises with an area of 12,200 m2, and it constitutes a number attractive public areas. Together with the shopping centre, these areas make a natural gathering place for the 100,000 residents of the city district it serves.

Source: website of the Bořislavka Business Centre.