"Let us hope that the nations that possess and represent the arts shall never perish, however small they may be." Antonín Dvořák

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We held the first-annual Dvořák Prague Festival in 2008, scheduled in August back in those days, under the artistic direction of its cofounder, the stage director and producer Vladimír Darjanin. The entrepreneur Karel Komárek substantially supported the establishment of the festival. Today, Mr. Komárek is regarded as one of the most important Czech patrons of the arts, and he is a backer of the Dvořák Prague Festival to this day.

When the Prague Autumn Festival closed its doors in 2011, the Dvořák Prague Festival changed to the September time period to which we are now accustomed, which corresponds to the birthday of the composer Antonín Dvořák. Another milestone in festival history came in 2013, when Marek Vrabec took over artistic management of the festival. Under his leadership, the Dvořák Prague Festival began its characteristic programme series. Since 2018, the pianist and manager Jan Simon has been in charge of the festival’s development as the director of programming.

The systematic fostering of Dvořák’s artistic legacy is reflected by more than just the core programme series called the Dvořák Collection. Besides Dvořák’s most famous works, the festival programme regularly includes music from the first decade of Dvořák’s career as a composer. This gives audiences a bettor opportunity to understand how the composer developed, sought his way, and perfected his craft. All of this is seen in the context of his contemporaries as well as of his predecessors and successors. Two memorable examples of presenting Dvořák’s early works are the performances of his first opera Alfred in 2014 and of his first musical setting of the libretto King and Collier in 2019.

Hundreds of artists have appeared at the Dvořák Prague Festival, including Jiří Bělohlávek, Yo-Yo Ma, Zubin Mehta, Gil Shaham, Krystian Zimerman, Neeme Järvi, Ivan Klánský, Midori, Evgeny Kissin, and Andris Nelsons to mention just a few.

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Do you love Antonín Dvořák and perceive the value of his artistic legacy, and are you a fan of our festival? There is a seat in our orchestra of friends waiting just for you. We’re always looking for new members who will join with us in letting the symphonies of our hearts (and those of others) be heard. You are very important to us – up to 50% of the festival budget comes from our partners and from you, admirers of Antonín Dvořák’s legacy and fans of the Dvořák Prague Festival.